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Selected Works

"Plunge Into Milk River" Oil, 30x60"

"Victory Dance" Oil, 24x60"

"Tequila & Tabasco" Oil, 64x40"

"Miss Anna" Oil, 40x48"

"This Is Not Dying" Oil, 30x60"

"Cerberus" Oil, 40x60"

"Scarf" Oil, 36x60"

"Night Scene" Oil, 40x60"

"Pool" Oil, 40x60"

"Nebula and the BlackStars" Oil, 40x60"

"Turner's Cows" Oil, 40x40"

"Lonely II" Oil, 36x48"

"Cows with Purple Flowers" Oil, 40x54"

"David Bigoatie" Oil, 24x30"

"We are all Sparks in an Infinite Dark" Oil, 24x60"

"Along the Milk River" Oil, 30x60"

"Schnapps" Oil, 24x30"

"Cerberus Mojo" Oil, 36x40"

About Daniel

Daniel was born and raised in the southeastern corner of Alberta. Being a self taught artist led him to completion of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge.

His unique and isolated upbringing has been a source of inspiration for an ongoing series of oil paintings that discover and explore the connection to the land that we all share.

Selected works of Daniel’s have been exhibited in both solo and group shows in various galleries around Calgary.

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