Curriculum Vitea

2019-2021 MFA, New York Academy of Fine Arts, New York (enrolled)
2011 Flesh Painting, New York Academy of Fine Arts, New York
2005 Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting), University of Lethbridge
Selected Works Exhibited
2018 Bone Pink, solo show, The New Edward Gallery, Calgary
2017 Neon and Cream, group show, The St. Louis Hotel, Calgary
2017 Peoples’ Portrait Prize, group show, cSPACE, Calgary
2017 Boobies and Wieners, group show, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2016 Second Coming, group show, Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary
2016 Western Showcase, group auction, Calgary Stampede
2016 Disclosure, group show, Feather Gallery, Calgary
2015 Changing Faces, group show, Essentia, Calgary
2015 Baby Jesus, group show, Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary
2015 Western Showcase, group auction, Calgary Stampede
2012 New Work, solo show, Stoneworx Gallery, Calgary
2011 Love Kills, group show, Stoneworx Gallery, Calgary
2011 This is Beauty, solo show, Art Central, Calgary
2010 Dirty Show 11, group show, Detroit, USA


My paintings deal with horror and sexuality, subjects that parallel in their exploration of transgression. Art is one of the last supporters for a non-conformist agenda, an arena in which to pantomime the most suppressed of human fears and desires. I am interested in the vibration between the symbolic and the mortal self; the base body that decays before our very eyes and the eternity of our imagination. I look to the idealized nude as a catalyst for symbolic beauty and the desire for immortality.

A painting of a beautiful figure is both idealized as well as frozen in a singular moment. This notion of immortal beauty can be understood symbolically but the reality is that even a painting is shifting and decaying and will crumble away after several hundred years. The viewer of a painting is also in a state of decay and therefore the idealized nude cannot truly exist except through willful exclusion of a larger reality. For me this touches on Nietzsche and the modern death of God. As a species we both crave the symbolic, immortal, or mythological, but there is a modern awareness of the incompatibility of such ideas within a scientifically enlightened age. I seek out moments of contradiction, moments of vibration, that exist between the safely consumable static nude and the chaotic flux of life beyond that symbolic ideal.

Drawing equally from slasher film tropes, religious iconography, and the taboo of the naked body I render the sinister narrative with measured patience. These confrontational images are coaxed into existence; the open mouth, the ghostly vista, the carcass, dripping slime, and exposed flesh. Preserved in oil is the congealed residue of my hand guiding the brush across the surface of the canvas where I disguise the horror inherent in my images, presenting the grotesque and perverse as a polished object of craft.

Left seduced from viewer to voyeur, you are invited to peer into the world I have devised, asked if this is real or fantasy, and ultimately left to question – if discomfort lies within your inhibitions or your willing gaze.

My artistic growth has been fostered in relative isolation. While the internet has provided a constant flow of images from larger centers there is still a very palpable sense of insulation within my art community in Calgary, Canada. It is my belief that such a small group of artists can nurture experimentation and the development of a clear personal voice but falls short in elevating an artist to international quality. I look forward to showing my paintings to a larger audience of both artists and art lovers and, through that exposure, gaining fresh insight into my work in a way that will grow my practice in ways I cannot yet imagine.